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A radio interview

I have had the chance to interview many interesting people from different paths of life (some of them for my weekly radio show in the Greek Public Radio - once upon a time). At the same time I have been often interviewed by others.  Interviewing is an art, a fragile and difficult one. Some weeks ago I had the honor to be the guest of Eleanor Watchel in her CBC Radio's  Writers & Company . She was in her studio in Canada and I had to talk with her from a studio in Boston. It was the smallest studio I had ever encountered. When I first saw how "microscopic" it  was, I got concerned and somehow anxious. The first thought coming to my mind was that  I was not going to afford more than 30 minutes staying in there. Finally, we talked for almost one hour and a half. I totally forgot about the “oppressive” dimensions of the studio and about time. Eleanor Wachtel is one of the most amazing interviewers I have known. Her series of interviews " Gr