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A simple example of "globalization"

"Elective Affinities" in Harvard Square : )) I have found my family name, till now, beside Albania and Greece, in countries I have lived or visited: Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia (sorry, FYROM), Poland, Ukraine, German, Czech Republic, Kosovo (sorry, Kosova), Montenegro, France and USA. From a quick research I have learned “Kaplan” or "Kapllan" (with two "l") exists also in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Israel and the West Bank (among Palestinians) and in China (among Muslim Uighurs). It’s cool to feel so globalized, having a surname which “links” people from around the world who haven’t any parental or common origin between them. I hope the people who carry the same surname “Kaplan” to not hate or fight each other, as it happens time after time in my beloved Balkan land: where often we claim and strife for the copy right of common names, foods, saints, heroes and anti-heroes, music and dances we share…